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Note to self: your existence doesn’t need to be justified.


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Raconte-moi cette histoire du soleil qui aimait si fort la lune; celle où chaque nuits, pour elle, il se laissait mourir pour lui permettre de respirer.
Je découvre avec mélancolie que mon égoïsme n’est pas si grand puisque j’ai donné à autrui le pouvoir de me faire de la peine.
Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.

David Yates’s most vivid memory of Emma is watching her suddenly let go of her steely professionalism and for once just be young and free. They were filming a death scene from Hallows Part 2 on a freezing-cold beach in Wales. The actors were miserable, especially Emma, who hates the cold and dislikes getting wet even more. But out of nowhere, he recalls, “she ran into the icy water and stood there, holding herself against the waves with her arms outstretched, just laughing.” In that brief moment he got a sense of what it must be like to have a multibillion-dollar industry dependent on your every move and be only nineteen years old.


by littleghost

To wish you were someone else
is to waste the person you are.


the deathly hallows;
insp x


I kind of want all our videos to have a slightly cinematic feel to them and I kind of wanted get away as much as possible from doing the typical performance videos. As a bit of a film geek it’s just nice to be remotely involved in the process of making a video and awkwardly I had to be in a couple of them, but hopefully that will change!